About Us

SullivanCotter is the leading independent consulting firm in the assessment and development of performance-based total rewards programs and workforce solutions for the health care industry and not-for-profit sector. For over 25 years, the firm has provided unbiased advice to executives and boards to help attract, retain and motivate executives, physicians, advanced practice providers and employees at all levels. Through the Center for Information, Analytics and Insights, SullivanCotter has developed the most widely recognized compensation surveys in the United States. Combining data-driven intelligence with national insights, we act with integrity to help organizations fulfill their missions, business objectives and regulatory requirements.


Not-for-profit and health care organizations are at a critical time. By their very nature, they must have sustainable strategies and levels of oversight designed for the unique business environment they operate within. Health care especially requires a unique and varied insight into the challenges of today and tomorrow. From boards of directors to executives to clinicians to employees, demonstration of sound governance, fiduciary oversight and risk management is essential.

SullivanCotter’s approach is simple and straight-forward. With each and every client, we begin our scoping process well before the project begins through the following:

  • Ensuring our Independence with regard to any potential conflict of interest. This begins before we ever start our work to ensure we understand the critical issues associated with sound governance.
  • Carefully articulating the problem that needs to be solved.
  • Scoping out the process required to deliver the most value both in quality and in speed to completion.

Once we scope out the process, we diligently define the appropriate process to begin work, factoring in sound governance and fiscal oversight.

Our History

Since our founding in 1992, SullivanCotter has grown to become the leading independent firm of senior advisers on all elements of total compensation planning for health care and not-for-profit organizations.


By focusing exclusively on equipping these organizations with insightful plans to manage rapidly evolving economic conditions, today SullivanCotter stands alone as health care and not-for-profit organizations' only source of completely independent, nonconflicted total compensation and benefits advice.


The SullivanCotter legacy of independent authority emerged from our enduring relationships with leading organizational boards as well as our proprietary development of objective decision-making data.

As a result, our advisory teams have crafted more health care and not-for-profit compensation plans than any other comparable firm in the industry. Today our perspective and expertise serves more than 800 clients nationwide, from colleges and universities, to renowned academic medical centers, to diverse health care systems and the essential, ever-present community hospital.


Our recognized leadership has also emerged from our commitment to excellence in conducting our annual compensation and productivity surveys. These pioneering benchmarking resources continue to give health care organizations and those in other industries up-to-date, actionable information to measure and improve compensation programs. A case in point, recognizing our independent objectivity, Modern Healthcare relies on our surveys for its annual coverage of health care executive and physician compensation.


From the mid-1990s through today, SullivanCotter has grown its geographic presence and executive leadership to serve clients across the spectrum of human resources, strategic compensation and benefits planning.

SullivanCotter is an independent team of conflict-free, seasoned Consultants who share a singular combination of deep not-for-profit and health care compensation and benefits experience and powerful, comprehensive data resources. Our senior advisers average more than 20 years of experience counseling the nation’s leading health systems.

The value we deliver continues to foster success for SullivanCotter and our clients as well:

  • Creative, comprehensive and compliant compensation programs that bridge the needs of organizational stakeholders.
  • Enhanced client ability to manage fiduciary, governance and regulatory risk.
  • Strengthened total compensation programs.
  • Cost-saving efficiencies.
  • Secure platforms to adapt to changing competitive business conditions.


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