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We partner with health care and not-for-profit organizations to achieve sustainable results.

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Our Four Pillars of Compensation and Benefits Strategy

Through Independence and Integrity, Sullivan, Cotter and Associates, Inc. will be the leading source of Information and Insight used to influence and enhance performance within health care and not-for-profit organizations.

Demonstrating and Delivering Values that Endure

For SullivanCotter, Integrity and Independence are two values that are the foundations of the firm.

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As stewards of organizational finances and governance, boards and executive leaders must rely on non-conflicted data and counsel. Relationships built on integrity are essential to securing trusted advice. SullivanCotter delivers that integrity daily. With every relationship, every analysis, through each plan and its execution, we remain your objective third-party advisers to meet and manage change.


SullivanCotter does not, nor have we ever, offered any services that could compromise our consulting integrity. Potential conflicts of interest include financial auditing, executive search or outsourcing services. We do not perform actuarial valuations for broad-based plans, sell or broker insurance products or accept commissions or referral fees. What we do is provide an objective perspective, which is the type of counsel our clients are required to consider in discharging their fiduciary obligations.


SullivanCotter’s Consultants have decades of experience working with not-for-profit and health care organizations, including higher education and associations and foundations. Our Consultants are trusted, senior-level advisers focused on executive, physician and employee compensation and benefits. We are experts in evaluating, refining and designing compensation programs, including base pay and incentive programs, benefits plans and other program elements.

Our multiple office structure provides us with unique insight into regional issues facing organizations today including governance of executive pay, compensation and benefits. Because we work almost exclusively with not-for-profit organizations such as hospitals, health systems, educational institutions, associations and other not-for-profit industry organizations as well as for-profit health care organizations, we are highly effective in addressing industry best practices, governance reform initiatives and regulatory compliance requirements.


SullivanCotter invests significant resources in collecting and analyzing human resources, compensation and benefits data (as well as best practices information) for not-for-profit health care organizations.

In addition, we also maintain a library of nearly all of the commercially available health care and general industry compensation and benefits surveys. We also maintain a large library of research and data that informs our thinking regarding the industry, markets and specialties, as well as analytic tools and methods, to turn data into information.

Our Office Locations

Map of SullivanCotter office Locations

Our Leadership

Trish Anen

Principal and APP Workforce Practice Leader

Chris Brandt

Director of The Center for Information, Analytics and Insights

Theodore Chien

President and Chief Executive Officer

David Cohn

Principal and
Office Leader, Atlanta

Maureen Cotter

Director of Client Experience

Timothy J. Cotter

Chairman and Managing Director

Deb Gabriel

Practice Leader for Provider Performance Management Technology (PPMT)

Kathy Hastings

Managing Director and Executive Workforce Practice Leader

Michelle Johnson

Principal and
Office Leader, Minneapolis

Warren Kerper

Managing Principal and
Office Leader, Boston

Deana Kraft

Director of Growth Strategies

Sally LaFond

Principal and
Office Leader, Parsippany

Andrew Lewis

Principal and
Office Leader, Denver

Tom Pavlik

Managing Principal and
Office Leader, Chicago

Terry Pflager

Chief Operating Officer

Laurie Randall

Chief Human Resources Officer

Timothy C. Reed

Managing Principal and
Office Leader, Pittsburgh

James Roth

Managing Principal and Employee Workforce Practice Leader

Dr. Mark Rumans

Chief Medical Officer

Jennifer Russell

Principal and
Office Leader, Detroit

David Schwietz

Chief Information Officer

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Becky Lorentz
Phone: 314.414.3719

If you are with a health care or not-for-profit industry association, we would welcome any educational opportunities for our Consultants to present to your members via speaking engagements or webinars.

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