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As one of the nation’s leading independent not-for-profit human resources consulting firms, our clients look to us to advise them on the issues most critical to public charities, business and trade associations and other tax-exempt organizations:

  • Ensure reasonableness of not-for-profit executive compensation – we evaluate the total economic benefit delivered to executives to ensure our clients are considering all of the same elements that would be examined in an IRS audit. While all associations should be aware of rules pertaining to private inurement and excess benefit transactions, only some need to seek compliance with Internal Revenue Code 4958. We help you understand your organization and the complex landscape in which it operates.
  • Develop competitive not-for-profit executive benefits and compensation programs – we assess the total value of the compensation, benefits and perquisites our clients provide to their executives to ensure they are offering a competitive package that allows executives to focus on what matters most: mission delivery and member service.
  •  Assist with stakeholder and public understanding of executive total compensation – we help you understand how your executive compensation and benefits programs will be disclosed on Form 990 and work with you to prepare for disclosures that may require more careful explanation. We provide not-for-profit board assistance and governance insight to help boards and management understand the implications of new programs before they’re approved so you can remain fully informed.
  • Ensuring competitiveness of employee compensation and benefits: we evaluate cash compensation and benefits programs for employees and ensure our clients are aware of the total rewards practices with which they compete for talent, whether local, regional or national. We also design employee compensation programs, such as market-based salary structures, that ensure you are able to attract, motivate and retain qualified talent in a not-for-profit universe competing for for-profit talent.