Academic Medical Centers

Academic medical centers, advancing the forefront of health care and education.

Sullivan, Cotter and Associates, Inc. actively advises the nation’s top academic and pediatric medical centers on compensation and benefits for executive management and clinical leadership. With SullivanCotter as an adviser, these organizations are well-informed on the business issues associated with strategic total compensation management.

Academic and specialty medical centers depend on SullivanCotter’s data-driven information process, independence and the insightful experience of our advisers to analyze compensation and to develop creative, yet practical total compensation programs in the most complex care delivery models. Together, we devise total compensation and benefits plans and human capital strategies that accomplish the following:

  • Ensure boards deliver sound governance with a clearly defined, documented compensation philosophy.
  • Comply with changing regulatory compensation and benefits requirements.
  • Support current and emerging mandates for quality and efficiency, while addressing the impact of new care models and fiscal realities.
  • Address and include performance measures, linkages to pay and physician pay for performance.
  • Include comprehensive communications strategies that address key stakeholders, from executives, to boards to community reporting.

Complex Economics Require Specialized Experience

A matrix of clinical activity, including education and research, the academic medical facility is a uniquely complex organization. SullivanCotter understands the equally complex challenges these centers face planning total compensation for executives, medical leadership, faculty and clinicians.

That deep understanding, developed though unparalleled Information and Insight, makes a valuable difference: Complex medical centers leverage our comprehensive total compensation plans to support their long- and short-term strategic goals. Our consistent achievement of measurable results for these organizations is the reason their boards continue to rely on SullivanCotter expertise.