Compensation and Benefits Benchmarking

Our Consultants provide comprehensive, credible benchmarking resources, including analysis of the Internal Revenue Service Form 990.


SullivanCotter advisers deliver advanced insight into reporting within the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Form 990. Foremost among them, we often uncover potential exposure in disclosures of executive compensation, benefits and perquisites. Our advisers routinely help detail the purpose and intent of incentive and benefits plans as well as executive perquisites to identify and overcome potential pitfalls.

Working closely with your financial and human resources teams, we provide comprehensive reviews and assessments to ensure the following:

  • Filings mitigate current and potential risks while accurately documenting governance and fiduciary oversight.
  • All executive compensation details and data your organization collects are appropriate and compliant.
  • Language and information for all compensation- and governance-related schedules are accurate, defensible, timely and consistent.

In tandem with your financial and human resources teams, our advisers review all related disclosure statements. And as problems surface, we provide the insight and experience to help revise and improve pay programs, better protecting the organization in the continued climate of change and adverse scrutiny regarding the use of tax-exempt assets for executive compensation.

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