Compensation Plan Design and Strategy

Given today's economic pressures, maintaining compensation status quo is not an option. Instead, progressive organizations consider these issues as an opportunity.

Compensation to Engage, Transparent by Design

SullivanCotter leads not-for-profit and health care organizations through the changing compensation and economic landscape to enhance program value while proactively planning for change.

Move from Reactive to Proactive

We begin our independent analysis by taking the time to listen, explore and understand your organization’s unique issues and challenges. We consider cash compensation as one key factor in your total compensation cost control equation. We review past and prospective cash compensation data and decisions to uncover potential risks. Working closely with your team, we help identify gaps that are of immediate impact and those that may impede the ability to achieve longer-term organizational goals.

The result is employee cash compensation in context: a key, high-impact component in a comprehensive assessment that leads to a tailored, best-practice plan that supports adaptability.

Now is the time to actively shape compensation to advance your organization’s mission. Rely on our expertise and services, which provide a range of support:

  • Total employee compensation and benefits philosophy, policy and strategy alignment.
  • Base salary and pay-for-performance plan designs that include performance benchmarking.
  • Cash compensation audits that assess true salary costs and provide opportunities to save dollars and improve the value proposition.
  • Cost impact analyses, implementation planning, execution and employee communication.



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